Digital Strategist • Product Midwife • Sarcasm Enthusiast


My favorite human is my wife, Brenda, closely followed by our 3 children we affectionately refer to as #TheArtist, #TheSmilingOne, and #Boy.


I wrote my first line of code in 1982 on a Radio Shack TRS-80, when I was 8 years old. We didn't have a storage device so if I wanted to play a game I had to write the code first, every time I turned on the computer. Yes, literally.

I built my first web page in 1994 using a browser called Mosaic. My aunt was the only person I knew outside of my peer group who could view it and I had to call her on the phone and tell her to look. Those were dark days on the 'net when you had to make cold calls for every page view.

I have founded (and co-founded) four companies including three profitable, successful, debt-free startups, and one non-profit, over a 16 year period. I have been on both sides of the investment equation.

I lead the Digital Environments team at a large faith-based non-profit in Atlanta, GA where I help guide the strategic digital direction of the organization. Our team's passion is to help reach the citizens of Earth who are living an increasingly digital lifestyle.

The thoughts, opinions, and stories on this site are mine alone and they do not represent my employer.