Obligatory Introduction

I was an early adopter. I wrote my first blog post some time in 1999, before the term blog had even been defined. It was a pain because we didn't have all these fancy tools like Blogger or WordPress or social networks with a blogging feature. We hand-coded our markup back then for each post and did a lot of copy and paste magic. I built up a significant user base consisting of my Mom and my friend Chris F. They were crushed when I finally threw in the towel. And when I say crushed, what I mean is I think they noticed. So, I'm back and I hope to grow my readership by 100%. I have very specific intentions for this blog. I want it to be something that my daughters can read one day when they're all grow'd up to learn from my successes and failures. At the very least, they can share the content here with any future therapists so that they are better equipped to unload the enormous amounts of mental baggage I'll unwittingly heap on them.

Please feel free to comment and give me advice as I journey through this. I'll need it.

Meet Sydney and Savannah.

I heart them.