Parenting Tip #4: De-fussifying a Fussy Toddler

On Sunday, our younger daughter Savannah was thoroughly inconsolable. Now, I'd like to think that Dewdette and I are analytical people. I write software and she is a research associate for a bio-tech company. I do my best to eliminate virtual problems (bugs!). She does her best to eliminate physical problems (bugs!). Surely, SURELY between the two of us we should be able to properly troubleshoot a fussy 1 year old, right? I mean, it's not like she's our first kid. We've been through this before! It wouldn't be so bad except our weekend was packed with stuff to do. Both of us were running ever-which-way. The last thing we needed was a fussy one year old tugging on our pant legs all day long. Aside from being distracting, we wanted her to be happy! We knew something was wrong and we wanted to solve it for her.

In the latest video I cover all the stuff we tried, and what finally worked. I totally broke format and just talked into the camera. I hope you don't mind.

Parenting Tip #4: De-fussifying a Fussy Toddler from dewde on Vimeo.

This whole parenting thing gets a lot easier once they can talk. Ironically it simultaneously gets more complicated. Go figure.

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