Feeling Betrayed By Your Feed Reader?

My apologies. I accidentally published a draft. I have 18 of them at the moment and if I continue on my current path, each draft stands about a 50% chance of becoming an actual post. I'm not a power blogger like Human3rror of Church Crunch or Loswhit. I blog mostly for my girls and partly for myself. I do it here, openly and online, because I place significant value on the review, encouragement and admonition of my ideals. One day I may actually write a post on why I don't think Jesus was an effeminate  hippy wussbag, and why I don't think he wants me to be one either. But not today.

Great. Now I even have an flippin awesome title.  Jesus Was Not An Effeminate Hippy Wussbag. Survival probability just increased by 25% easy. For now, however, the concept is resting comfortably in the section of my WordPress admin panel lovingly referred to as... drafts.