Am I A Husband Or A Project?

So John just posted a new entry titled I'm A Better Web Developer Than Husband. He says that he is not meaning to compare his wife to a "project" but it instantly made me think of the metaphor. Then I flipped it around in the comments and wrote the following. The project is you, Husband 1.0. Your wife was first attracted to your 1.0 feature-set. She got by with them at the time, and most of them were quite handy, but they've become a bit long-in-the-tooth lately. She's become more and more frustrated that the promised 2.0 features have been delayed and deployment is behind schedule. And who can blame her? First of all 2.0 is going to rock. It will be more like Dad 1.0 in certain ways and less like Dad 1.0 in certain other ways. Second of all, usability requirements and standards have changed since then. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that these new features need to be done right, and that takes time. 

As a husband, though, I can relate to the fact that I often feel under appreciated for the 1.1 upgrades, service packs (SP3), and hot-fixes I have applied to myself over the years as I steadily work on version 2.0 of myself. That's a real drag. Also, can you really be held accountable for the fact that so many 1.0 features are not compatible with parenthood?? I mean, Husband 1.0 was never even tested for that user base. No wonder it doesn't behave predictably. 

In the meantime, just remind her that the wait will have been worth it. *If* you can actually deliver.