Stupid People, Bodily Harm, Fun For Whole Family

The past few Saturdays we've watched this show on ABC called Wipeout. It's sort of an Americanized, spay/neutered version of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. As such, it is more family friendly. The first time our little one Savannah saw someone fall off the new Nards of Doom (a.k.a The Big Balls) she actually started crying. Which made us laugh more, of course.

Anyway, today as we watched Savannah was laughing with us! So we can check "Desensitized Children to Pain of Others" off our parenting check list.


Savannah got bored watching stupid people hurt themselves, Dewdette went upstairs to finish laundry, and Sydney decided to get out of the bleachers and into the game. Naturally, I grabbed my video camera.