How to Get Your Hand Aired on Mtv and Christian Television, Respectively

Why is it that when I get an email from an Mtv show producer, like I did this spring, about airing a prank video my friends and I created, where my left hand is visible in one scene for 2 seconds, I get all excited and I email people and I bring it up in conversation. But when I get an email from a Christian television show producer, like I did last week, about airing a 4 minute expose on my spiritual life story, where nearly every scene is filled with various photographs of me, all of me, and only me, and that was produced by a world class team of professionals, I'm all like "Neat! I should tell my bible study group!" Internet at large... meet my soul. My soul... meet the Internet. You two will get along famously.

In fact, I think the only time I twittered about the Christian show was when I re-mentioned the Mtv one. I still think this tweet sums up my feelings nicely.


I already wrote about my experience with making the Christian video in my post How My Brain Was Washed by Christians. So I won't rehash that here. The segment is part of the program and you can watch it online the day it airs, Sunday August 30th, if you don't have FamilyNet.

I don't know much about the Mtv show. I know it's called Pranked and here is what Mashable had to say about it. Apparently it will be hosted by the guys from College Humor which, you should know, is not really safe for work most days and may or may not trip your family's Internet content filter.

Here is the suck part. They haven't been forthcoming with information about my segment. So while the show debuts Thursday, August 27th, I don't really know if my clip will be in that episode. In fact, according to the paperwork I signed... it may not be featured at all. I know I made the first cut, and I know I got them the footage early, but that's it. Oh, and even if I do make the grade, I could be mocked heavily. The show format indicates that 2 smartass types will be commentating over the videos as they play, so it stands within reason that my video could very well be so lame that the only way to salvage "the funny" is ridicule.

I just want to make people laugh and I'm not all that particular about how it happens. I don't mind being the butt of someone's joke.

But you don't have to wait until Thursday or possibly forever! Here is the video.

So there you have it. My hand may or may not be visible on Mtv and/or Christian television within 2 days of each other! And while I'm not sure whether or not God still wears trucker hats, ahem Archie, I cannot deny the possibility that he is punking me.