The Chase

Ever get the feeling you're chasing something you shouldn't be chasing? I get that whisper sometimes. "Chris, what are you chasing?" Which is a silly question, because I know what I'm chasing. The whisper, on most days, can be deciphered like this, "Chris, you're chasing the wrong thing."

The whisper. What a pain.

But I listen because I don't want to spend my days chasing the wrong thing. Things like dollar signs. Like approval from faceless strangers. Like video game scores. That stuff doesn't satisfy my soul.

I want to chase my children. I want to chase my wife. I want to pursue them and enjoy them and build them up. I want to stop being consumed with myself for just 5 [expletive deleted] minutes. I want to lead them with the heart of a servant.

But "the chase," by itself, isn't enough.

I want to win the chase, and actually capture them, I want to capture them so they know what it is like to risk their hearts to another person and have that trust honored. They need to know it's possible. They need this, they deserve this, and it's my responsibility to deliver for them to be whole.

So today, I commit myself to the chase.