Hey Chris! Stop Fearing the Publish Button.

I love to write.

I came into this year with a burning desire to stop wrestling with the writer who shares my skin. I've written a few pieces, not all of them available here, and all it does is add fuel to the fire. The act of writing fills me up. It doesn't drain me. I do it because I "can't not."

But I have a problem.

My writing doesn't always get to play outside with the other boys and girls. Every time I start writing, I feel like it needs to be perfect before I share it. Most days, I love what I write. But it only takes a granule of doubt to stand in between me and the publish button.

In fact when I look at the publish button, most days, this is what I see.

John reminded me of this today in his session at WordCamp ATL. He said I needed to get over the fear and just publish. I know he's right. I am a writer and writing is my art. I want it to be perfect and that quest for perfection is actually hurting my craft. Instead of bringing my writings to completion, setting them free, and growing from the process... I let my ideas wither behind closed doors.

Let's be real here. My soul isn't on the line, just my ego. And the sooner I sacrifice that thing, the better. I let the sharp pointy teeth of the Publish button, and all the insecurities that come with it, beat me before the game even begins.

But not today.

iPad Home Movie Experiment

http://vimeo.com/24442755 Spring is here. It's evident around 4pm every day when the kids get nutty and start mauling each other.

It wouldn't be so bad except @dewdette keeps trying to come between me and my beloved technology. "Let's go to the park!" she exclaims. "Humbug!" is my reply. At least, until I realize that I can have my cake and eat it too. "The park you say? A lovely idea. Load up the kids in the family truckster, I shall be along shortly."

I grabbed the iPad and shot the footage on Friday, then spent the holiday weekend fiddling around with the iPad edition of iMovie. Off and on throughout the days. I might have logged 2 hours in editing. Maybe.

iMovie has some neat features, and it's fun, but still just a novelty at this point. Especially since the iPad's video camera is so terrible.