Waking Up to a Song and Dance

Dear Sydney and Savannah: You probably already know this, but your mother is a rock star.

Sydney, every morning when you wake up and walk bleary eyed and half conscious into our bathroom, where we are getting ready for work, your mother drops whatever she is doing and goes abso-frickin-lutely bananas. "SYDNEY'S AWAKE!" she screams and tramples towards you precariously. You brace yourself and squeal, knowing what your future holds. Your Mom snatches you up and hugs you tight and dances around with you all while chanting "Sydney's awake! Sydney's awake! Sydney's awake! YAY!"

Then we hear you, Savannah, cooing in your crib. And Mommy and Sydney go running into your room, flip on the light, and blurt out "THE BABY'S AWAKE!" Mommy grabs you out of your crib and gallops and trots around the room, down the hall and back into the bathroom where I am shaving or something. All the while she is dancing and singing "The baby's awake! The baby's awake! The baby's awake! YAY!" and Sydney, now lucid, is following behind her giggling and tugging at your feet.

When I say every day, what I mean is:



In case you have any reservations about this let me be clear. This is not normal. I don't know anyone else that behaves this way. So let me try and explain to you why she would do this. Firstly, this really is a natural expression of what is in her heart. You can't fake this behavior. Not for as long and consistently as she has done it. So it's in there and it can't wait to get out. That is the main reason.

Secondly, your Mom and I bought into this principle we heard on a TV show. Basically, it was articulated that when your child enters the room after being away from you for a while, you should let them know how happy you are to see them again! And don't under do it, over do it! Don't assume they know how much you love them or missed them or how happy you are to see them, take the opportunity right then and there to throw a mini-party in their honor.

Your mother is brilliant at this. I get it right sometimes, but not like her. Not by a long shot. She looks like a total dork and she just doesn't care. Your smiles and giggles make it all worth while. I'm just the lucky guy that gets to watch in admiration.