iPad Home Movie Experiment

http://vimeo.com/24442755 Spring is here. It's evident around 4pm every day when the kids get nutty and start mauling each other.

It wouldn't be so bad except @dewdette keeps trying to come between me and my beloved technology. "Let's go to the park!" she exclaims. "Humbug!" is my reply. At least, until I realize that I can have my cake and eat it too. "The park you say? A lovely idea. Load up the kids in the family truckster, I shall be along shortly."

I grabbed the iPad and shot the footage on Friday, then spent the holiday weekend fiddling around with the iPad edition of iMovie. Off and on throughout the days. I might have logged 2 hours in editing. Maybe.

iMovie has some neat features, and it's fun, but still just a novelty at this point. Especially since the iPad's video camera is so terrible.